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The Fabulous Traveling Sundae bus has done 2 very valuable fundraisers this year. On September 21st the bus was present at the Oxford Lion’s Club first annual Wine, Beer, and Food Tasting. This event was held at Jackson Cove and was a fundraiser to raise money for work that the Lion’s Club is doing on the pavilion at Jackson Cove.

On September 8th the Fabulous Traveling Sundae Bus was at the Connecticut Barrel Horse Assoc. Benefit at the old Bethany airport. This benefit was on behalf of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation (Sandy Hook Victim). Both events were well received and raised significant funds.

The Country Creamery was part of the Oxford Public Library’s Secret Decoder Community Wide Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt ran for 1 week in July and various businesses in the community participated by having an answer to a riddle in code in their store window. The children had to decipher the code to get the answer to the riddle. Since our riddle had to do with bears, we offered free gummi bears to participants.

We now carry Tail Bangers! Tail Bangers are an all natural dog treat made with human grade ingredients. There are no byproducts, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They are made with 100% whole grain, real eggs, real cheese, real bacon and ground peanuts. Our dog customers absolutely love them!!!! Now man’s best friend can have a Frosty Paws and a treat at the Country Creamery.


Our newest sensations!

New! Just In! A unique ice cream cone made with mouth watering M & Ms. See pictures below.

Our new delectable desserts for the 2012 season include the Raspberry Beret and the Salty Dog.

Delicious homemade whipped cream is now being served.

Oreo Sliders. Delicious Oreo cookies filled with ice cream and dipped in chocolate. “Bet you can’t eat just one!


Recent Bus Sightings!

Sightings of the Fabulous Traveling Sundae Bus will begin on March 15th!


Past Bus Sightings

The Fabulous Traveling Sundae Bus was very busy in 2016!!: Here are some of the stops the Fabulous Traveling Sundae Bus made: MDR,Southbury Park and Rec, Hill Central School, Kindercare Ansonia & Oxford, Cats Corner, Louis Dreyfus, Ansonia Outdoor Concert Series, First Steps Learning Center and Founders Day. We also attended many birthday and graduation celebrations. All the events kept the Sundae Bus and its crew very busy!

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