Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do with a $5.00 minimum.

Our soft serve ice cream is nut free and we have rainbow and chocolate sprinkles that are also nut free. Our hard ice cream can not be nut free guaranteed because of cross contamination.

Our soft serve ice cream is gluten free and we offer gluten free sugar and cake cones.

We have various flavors of Italian ice and sorbet. Please note sherbet is not dairy free.

There is always a sugar free or no sugar added flavor of hard ice cream available. We also have a great tasting sugar free chocolate syrup.

Yes, depending on the distance in question.

It really depends on the age of the children. Of course we can fit more little ones on then teenagers or adults. Comfortably 15 – 20 little ones.  If it is a mixed group of children and adults, we will do the children first and separate from the adults.

Yes! Activities vary depending on the age of the group, from something very simple and fun for the little ones to do, to trivia and more challenging games for the older children.